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Youth Exchange in Czech Republic 2018

Do you sometimes stop during the day and realise how much pressure you need to handle?  
Due to global urbanization, competition and the spread of technology which had created a world where people are continually under assault on a psychical level. Mentioned issue tackle young people as well - they are no exception. The alarming researches and studies prove the transition to adulthood has a negative impact on their physical and mental health and also overall wellbeing. The prevalence of mental illness is very high and it is arising from substance use, psychoses, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. We find it really important to raise awareness about mental health and wellbeing . Moreover we believe that a way how to break this unhealthy habit of being stressed can be break through several steps.

At first, it is very important to raise self-awareness, learn about principles of mental well being and realize the stressing factors and to name them specifically. Therefore the first part of the activity programme stands on various types of activities and workshops introducing the topic of mental health and wellbeing where participants will explore in interactive way the theory and through practical exercises recognize what situations and aspects cause stress in their daily lives. In these activities participants will raise their self-awareness, find out more about mental health and how to maintain their wellbeing.

At second, each of us should find a way how to relax and disconnect from the everyday routine full tasks and dealing with stressful situations. Each of us is different, thus a different activity or approach is suitable for each of us. What might have in common is that we are not able to stop, take a breath and ask ourselves questions: What do I like to do? What brings energy to my life? In what activity should I develop myself more? These and other questions will be answered through experiencing various activities such as yoga, meditation, working with energy principles and techniques, creative and artistic activities, daily writing of diary, relaxation techniques etc. offering to participants wide range of activities which they can try out and later on choose the most suitable ones for them and their individual needs and preferences. They will be supported and guided through the process and shown various ways how to combine them and implement presented tools into their daily life.

And finally according the quote “the best way how to learn something is to share it with somebody else” participants will transform their experience and gained knowledge and skills into the project outcomes and follow up activities and explore best ways how to share them within their communities and so enrich the the lives of others and spread the message even wider. 

 ReMind is an international youth exchange which will gather 30 young people from different European countries: Czech Republic, Macedonia, Romania, Latvia and Croatia to explore the topic of mental health in beautiful natural environment of Krkonose mountains in Czech Republic, nearby the Town Vrchlabi in May 2018.

Main objectives of the youth exchange: 
- To raise awareness of importance of mental health and wellbeing and to to recognize the factors causing stress to young people nowadays
-To guide the young people to find out what is the best way for them how to grow their mental health and to provide the participants with various tools and techniques for effective coping with stress
- To create friendly, inspirational, creative, safe and comfortable environment for sharing, learning and developing skills, passions and talents
- To motivate young people in active participation in society, international projects and initiatives and develop their competences for becoming active citizens

for more pictures, videos and info please visit the
official webpage of the project
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