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MoMeant to Be

training course
15. - 24. October      2021         in Slovenia

exploration of mindfulness in youth work

We came together to be, move, play, observe, listen, share, explore, experiment, challenge ourselves,

learn from within and from each other, get to know new people & ways & attitudes,

and create this experience together.

MoMeant to Be was an 8-day training course which aimed to introduce and explore principles of “Mindfulness” and experiment with practical and fun tools and techniques that can be readily used in daily life, creative work and in the other situations and places too. Training own awareness, acceptance and sense of presence can improve the quality of our days and the things we do. We will learn how to be present and to tune and respond properly to the needs of the diverse people and situations we are working with.

Who was this training for?

The training was designed for youth workers & volunteers

and other people who work with people, that want to refresh their skills and attitudes to their days, to other people, to work and to the world.

We hosted  25 participants from 

Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, Romania, Latvia, Greece and France

What we have been doing?

● collecting new inputs and inspiration that renew motivations to act with commitment and new ideas.

● refreshing curiosity and playfulness in approaching your work in order to prevent burning out.

● improving your trainers’ and personal skills to be more efficient, adaptable, responding to issues and demands in your work and daily life.

● widening your perspectives and points of view to see new opportunities, create new patterns, and avoid situations of stalemate when working with people with different cultural background.

● gathering specific tools from non formal fields (theater, dance, meditation, creative expression) that are not easily accessible for all the youth workers.

By training your own awareness, acceptance, sense of initiative you can improve the quality of your being and of your actions. We wish to support you in finding ways to be more resilient and empathic through mindfulness – by developing your skills to be fully present, listen, accept and act, by equipping you with mindfulness based tools that you can later on use in your practice.

Videos from the training week

Few words from participants

MoMeant to Be.

I began my year of traveling following the wind and my breath.

And I arrived there, in Slovenia in this Erasmus+ training course about Mindfullness.

I dove into the process of Being and Presence.

Here, I nurrished my inner flam.

There I discovered new sensitive layers of my BodyMind. I let go those that avoid me to be fully autentic. To embraced my inside light and letting people seing It.

Here I felt in the deep connections with humans being my true intimicy unfoldings.

News ways are revealed and the roots light up the Cape.

Feeling the Body.

Feeling the Living.

Feeling the Heart.

Becoming the Landscape, dive into gazes and sensitive touch - with my Anchorage.

And again finding the healing power of dancing when I let my Body speaks.

In the precious gift of Caring,

Magic appears inside me and around us

In all my cells, I feel Home.



I’m definitively this upside down tree of stars roots. I’m ready for the next journeys.

Profund gratitude to Nayeli, Antonio, Andrej et Ziva to have create this Space and to this amazing group to have make it Alive. (And for the increidible food of Jean and Gemma)

Flore, France

MoMeant to Be was Meant to Be for the way I see Me and people around Me.

Family, Dana. Family. Quality.

It’s not about the amount of time we spend together, but about the quality of it.

It’s about living in the present moment without being afraid to feel, without being afraid to let go, knowing that the emotion of seeing people who left coming back home is more powerful than the sadness you experienced seeing them leaving and letting you an empty house with broken soul.

You are strong and powerful and beautiful.

Trust yourself more and dance.

Your words can move the world even if no-BODY understand your language. They reach and move each and every SOUL. Let yourself be moved too. Moved, not changed.

MoMeant to Be asked me to go deep within self and take full responsibility for my life.

What I learnt from this dive?

Life is all about the story you tell yourself.

And my story is Meant to Be known.

Dana, Romania

I recently went to Slovenia to discover mindfulness together with lovely, amazing and open people from Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Romania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Greece and France.

Surrounded by stunning, reconciling and refreshing nature, we took time to slow down, meditate and play to understand ourselves better and to deeply connect with each other. The trainers were incredible and created a welcoming, supporting and inspiring space to explore and express ourselves.

There, I understood for the first time the value of touch when connecting with other humans, physically and emotionally. I came home as a changed person, grown up, deeply enriched. I so am grateful for this opportunity.

(I also got a certificate stating that my hugs are great )

Last but not least, we ate delicious vegan food, more sustainable for the planet and for our bodies, homemade prepared by CuciNest - G&J

Maria Luisa, Italy

More information and outcomes

For more detailed information about the day to day programm please read the DAILY REPORT

Description and instructions to all activities designed and implemented by participants in second half of the training you can find in Momeant to Be BOOKLET

To tune into the soundtrack of the training listen to MoMeant to Be Spotify Playlist

Stay updated by following the FACEBOOK PAGE

Or contact us via mail:

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