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Youth Exchange in Czech Republic 2015

Professional Dreamers

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"Everybody has dreams - this is the dreamer's part...but do we know how to achieve them? Do we have the skills to reach them? - this is the professional part. In this project we will deliver the professional part to all the dreamers so they will achieve their dreams and become professional dreamers"

Do you feel sometimes like jumping from one activity to another and in the end doing nothing properly, not being able to concentrate at all and your mind like little monkey and when do you finally create something your fears stop you from presenting it to your fellows? Don’t worry you are not alone and especially in this great time of unlimited choices and endless distractions we all have difficulties to set up our direction and concentrate at our goals. And even better:

We present you this intercultural meeting which will gather 31 young people and their monkey minds from Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey, Macedonia, to help them to stop for a while, calm down, take a deep breath, try out new exercises and techniques of self-development, nourish mind and body, move the body, set future goals and get clear direction on this amazing journey out of the jungle of 21st century to clearer future. The entire journey will be guided by leaders and participants who are equipped by methods of non-formal education, which are based on active participation, sharing experience and knowledge. The way out start directly in the middle of jungle in Krasensko, Czech Republic and the first steps will be taken from 20th - 29th July 2015.

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